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There are really many factors that influence the way to be number 1 in Google, there are more than 200 different factors, but this figure has never been confirmed, nor has it been revealed.

In this background race to be able to appear in the first position in the search results, you will have to compete with rivals who look for the same goal as you, but there are also many benefits that your website will get if you get it.

How can I be number 1 on Google?

There are several measures you can take to help your website grow in the search ranking.

Most of them are quite easy to carry out, but why dedicate the time and effort necessary to obtain a higher position in the search engines if you already use social media ads or email marketing?

With organic optimization, users will more easily find your website when performing relevant searches. You just have to stand out from the competition.

Also, when you rank on the first page of Google, you are showing your potential consumers the quality of your products or services because if you weren’t good, you wouldn’t appear in the top positions, right? Here are the ten steps to follow so that your potential customers can find your website thanks to SEO.

  1. Searches of your customers

It is important to keep this in mind before delving into the world of organic search engine optimization. Research the keywords and phrases that consumers use when they search for your product or service.

  1. Analyze the keywords

You can find the monthly volume of keyword searches in different ways. If you have a Google AdWords account, you can use the keyword planner.

If not, Google Trends will provide you with an approximate figure of user interest in that keyword over time. Remember that the one that interests you is the keyword that has the most monthly searches.

The higher the number, the harder it will be to position yourself for that keyword.

  1. Local searches

Many people also specifically seek services within their area. Using keywords such as “wedding photography Valencia” instead of just “wedding photography” can help you better face the local competition.

Setting up a Google My Business page is also a very useful tool that will help your business appear in localized searches. It is free and easy to configure, and the only requirement is to have a physical address.

  1. Investigate the competition

Something to keep in mind at this point is the domain authority (DA) and the page authority (PA).

Both are a number from 1 to 100, which indicates the reputation of the domain of a website or a specific page. The DA and the PA are two of the many factors involved in the classification of a website in a SERP. This number is determined by several factors, such as the age of the website or the number of inbound links (backlinks).

It is more beneficial to maintain an old domain and redesign the web than to start from scratch. The authority of a page is not always equal to the authority of the entire domain, but they are determined in the same way. The new pages of an old domain have the same DA as the rest, but the PA will start from one.

  1. Include keywords on your website

You have already chosen the keywords taking into account the previous steps. Now is the time to find out which pages of your website you want to optimize for better search engine results.

The start page of your site is usually a good place to start. It usually contains a wide range of information about your products or services and will take the visitor to the place they want to reach.

However, if you have other informative pages on your website that you consider more useful, you can choose one of them in addition to, or instead of, the home page.

Keep in mind the number of times you use the keyword that interests you.

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